Driving bank digitalization with SaaS

Consumer-centric products that bring decisive changes in user experience and deliver long-lasting benefits for banks and their customers.

Our Approach

Increasing revenues through rapid response to user changes

Win Bank Customers

Our technology supports the expansion of customer relationships.

Strengthen Relationships

Higher financial mobility and a wide range of financial products: Turn prospects into long-term customers.

Acquire New Customers

Improves your sales potential with our cross-selling solutions.

Financial-Expertise and innovative Frontend-Technology

Know how

FinReach combines extensive knowledge in data mining, analytics and UX to deliver all-round products.


FinReach develops agile and flexible solutions for customers in the financial industry that support a rapid market entry.


FinReach relies on expertise and a strong network in the financial sector. This enables optimal product development.

Contact us:

FinReach GmbH

Anna-Louisa-Karsch-Straße 2, D-10178 Berlin

Tel: +49 30 120 864 55   Fax: +49 30 700 143 800

E-Mail: info@finreach.de